My hospital bag


I was writing up my handover notes for work and realised that I have five weeks left before baby arrives! This second pregnancy has flown by and I was much more organised when I had my first (the luxury of time without a toddler). It dawned on me that I better start packing my baby bag. My hospital bag is based on four nights stay.

I like to have my hospital bag packed by 36 weeks latest. This means everything is packed, washed and literally all you need to do is pick up the bag and walk out the door. I say 36 weeks because baby can come early, it is done and means you can now relax. Plus I find when you hit full term (37-42 weeks) you get tired and uncomfortable. Trust me, you do not want to be packing between contractions!

I admit that I am highly organised and an over packer. Last time, I brought a whole large suitcase after all but there were a lot of things that I didn’t need. Here is a list of my essentials and personal favourite brands to take with you. I have kept my list very simple this time around.


Each birth plan is so personal but these were some of the birthing items which I took and loved:

  • Birth Plan
  • Own Pillow – This was my number one hospital item. I was able to sleep well and I felt comfortable having something from home with me.
  • Flameless candle – I loved focusing on the candle, the atmosphere it created and also used it for night feeds where there was no harsh lighting
  • Entertainment – Favourite music play list, favourite photos and some movies on an iPad.
  • An insulated straw water bottle – no risk of spilling the water and not having to keep filling up regularly
  • Bralette and Bloomers – I wear the ones from Bimboy and Roy. You can also wear them for nursing too.
  • Thongs – for walking around the hospital in and to wear in the shower
  • A kimono or large tee with buttons – This is for easy nursing, comfort and being able to cover up as well. I love the styles from Saffron Lane and Maive and Bo
  • Snacks – for hubby or yourself

Most of the hospital clothes which I took with me to the hospital last time were from one store – Mamaway. I absolutely loved how I could pick up most of my essentials from the one place. You won’t need to many clothes as most the time you will be having skin to skin contact with your new bub.

  • Day feeding bra – I used the Mamaway Ultra Light Antibacterial Seamless Maternity & Nursing bra because I loved how it could stretch up to three bra sizes which is important when your milk is coming in.
  • Night bra – I like to have a different bra for night feeds so that I am not fiddling around with clips. I love the Mamaway Crossover one which is soft, lightweight, stretchy with antibacterial and anti-odour properties and is perfect for frequent feeds.
  • Nursing Pyjamas – Again my favourites were from Mamaway as their two pieces have an adjustable waist for pregnancy and can also be adjusted for postpartum. It is has easy feeding panels which you can just slide across.
  • Day time visitor outfit – I would normally pack two changes. I am taking the below two dresses with me this time which i can dress up or down, add layers to and pop on to get out of loungewear. These are also from Mamaway. I suggest dresses incase you have a c-section or an emergency c-section so that pants do not irritate the wound.
  • Underwear – I would normally pack seven days worth incase any got dirty. I also packed really large high waisted underwear incase I had an emergency c-section. I just purchased some cheap ones from Target so that if they were stained, I could discard of them.
  • Socks or slippers – I brought some ‘Happy Socks’ but others recommend socks with grip at the bottom. I purchased some cheap slippers from Kmart to take with me.
  • Breast-pads – Personally, I love reusable ones as I was super itchy from the disposables. The reusable option i recommend are from Stevie Jane who hand makes both daytime and night time bamboo pads. Otherwise a good dispoable option is by Pigeon.

Maternity and Nursing Dress from Mamaway.


Nursing Bra’s from Mamaway.

Other items:
  • Packing cubes from Kmart really helpful. Otherwise I use canvas bags with a drawstring to organise my hospital items.
  • Hairband – to get the hair out of your face and away from your chest when nursing. Plus, it doubles as a reminder for which side breast you last fed on if you put it on your wrist! Cooper and Hudson have gorgeous scrunchies.
  • Hairbrush
  • Hairdryer 
  • Travel set Shampoo, Conditioner and Body Wash – I recommend Vatea as it contains no nasties and because there is so much skin to skin those first few days, this is was of importance for me. I choose the travel set from Vatea
  • Lip balm – I personally love the Vatea lip balm as it contains no nasties.
  • Skincare
  • Makeup
  • Contact lenses and Solution
  • Glasses
  • Cold and heat therapy – this is a must. It is a huge relief to have cold packs on you when your milk comes in. Later on, it can be warmed to help with blocked ducts. I love the ones from Body Ice Woman.
  • Camera and charger
  • Phone and Charger
  • Wallet – pack your medicare cards, licence, credit card and a small amount of cash. Don’t bring too many valuables.
  • Maternity Pads – my hospital supplied these but pack these if your hospital doesn’t. A reusable option is Modibodi.
  • Incontinence Pants – laugh now but thank me later. These are super convenient! I wore these with a maternity pads inside and I didn’t have to worry about blood leaks. Change them if blood overflows onto them from the pad or change daily. If you have a natural birth, they also hold in the cold pop stick for your down their region nicely. These are the ones I used and will be taking with me again from Tena.
  • Postnatal belt – I personally use the Mamaway Postnatal Belt which can be use after c-section and natural birth. It also helps with back pain relief, stabilise c-section wounds, uterus and muscle recovery. If you have private health as well, it is usually claimable with a referral.
  • Lactation cookies – we be brining Franjo’s cookies to snack on. If you don’t like biscuits, they also have crackers and muesli.
  • Nipple balm – do not forget this! I used the Lansinoh Ointment before and after each feed to prevent dry cracked nipples. Another option we loved was from Moogoo.
  • Breast Pump – optional whether this is something you would like to pack. I will be brining my Haakaa pump with me. I will be using this more so to catch the excess liquid gold from the other breast when nursing.
  • Dirty clothes bag – I use wet bags from Hippybottomus for these. They are lightweight, compact to pop in your bag and the double zipper allows you to separate items e.g. wet/dry, clean/dirty.

Cold and Heat Therapy by Body Ice Woman and Lactation Cookies by Franjos.

Baby items:

I suggest packing these items into the baby bag which you will continue to use. The baby I recommend is from Arch Bags which doubles as over the shoulder bag and backpack which is easily convertible or Arrived.

  • Baby announcement plaque – I love the wooden plaques from Darling Hart and Emm & Co. If you prefer something with baby’s details, My Lovely Gifts Au have beautiful birth plaques (don’t forget the marker!).
  • Baby going home outfit –  I recommend the Monkey Tree Children’s Store as they have amazing array of quality brands, Our Joey for organic clothing or Pappe for something luxe.
  • Swaddle or blanket I will be taking my Heritage Blanket for our announcement photo.
  • Baby journal – I love the Bebe book from Truly Amor.
  • Nursing pillow – I use the one from Mamaway as you can use it during pregnancy and also for nursing.
  • Car seat – I like to ensure this is installed by 36 weeks.
  • Baby moisturiser – we use the baby balm from Vatea which is fantastic for those babies who have eczema. It can be used as a nappy balm as well. The balm is award winning too, contains no nasties and contains 99.9% organic ingredients.
  • 2-3 few nappies and a pack of wipes – we love the Simple to Us nappies as they they are Australian Owned and do not contain any nasties like alcohol or fragrances.
  • Change mat
  • Poo bags

Baby Journal by Truly Amor, Mink Blanket by Heritage Blankets, Baby Shoes by Bobux, Rattan Rattle by Tila Interiors and Rainbow Mobile by Lew and Mae.


Eucalyptus Gum Wrap by Emm & Co.


Knitted Booties and Bonnet by Woolly Mutton, Bebe Book by Truly Amor and Earth Side Plaque by Emm & Co.



Mamaway ||TRIBEOFWUWU10 (for 10% off) valid until 10 August 2020 on top of their current offers

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Our Joey || TRIBEOFWUWU (for 20% off)

Simple to Us || WUWU20 (20% off first order)

On a last note, we wish all those expecting, a beautiful and safe birth of their baby. Please feel to reach out to me if you have any questions, need any help or would like further discount codes. I look forward to hearing about your beautiful purchases for your own baby or for your friends or family.

This hospital bag list was created with the intention of supporting small businesses and is based on my own personal experience. Participating stores have not paid a fee and no links are affiliate links. The discounts have been negotiated purely for the interests of our followers. On behalf of the small businesses – Thank you for choosing to support small.




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