5 Easy Eco Changes to Your Household






One of my 2019 goals was to be more eco conscious. After seeing how full our weekly bin was getting, i decided to make a few simple changes around our household. At first, my husband was very reluctant but with small steps, a little patience and the introduction of these changes over a few months, these changes have been working successfully. Here are the five simple changes we have made in our household:

Reusable Bags.

We love our reusable bags for running errands and for the groceries. There are so many cool designs, fabrics and prints out there as well to match your personal style. In our family, we love a good old plain canvas bag. The pocket tote is a particularly good bag from Seed and Sprout as it is made from organic canvas, washable and has sections to keep your groceries organised. If you are sewer or are a little creative, you could make some of your own bags by upcycling and making them from old clothes!

Keep Mugs.

Such an easy change to make and if you buy one coffee a day, that’s saving 365 cups going into landfill! Plus, i found that most cafes will give you a small discount for bringing your own cup and your drink tastes so much better out of a reusable cup.

Silicone Lids.

Say what? Ditch the glad wrap, these are an amazing invention which i love! So easy to use as well. It is a stretchy reusable circular lid that can cover bowls (including rectangle ones)! We use these to keep our leftovers and to cover fruit cut in half.

Cloth Nappies.

This was the change which we felt would be the hardest to implement but once we got started and got into a routine, it was the best eco change we have made! Cloth nappies have been great not only for the financial benefits but also for Spencer’s eczema! We hardly ever have any nappy rash now and another advantage is that we hardly ever get a leak.

Wooden Toys.

We choose wooden toys over plastic whenever we can. We find plastic toys to be overstimulating sometimes with all the colours and sounds. We find less is more and simple is best. Wood is also sustainable, recyclable, timeless and aesthetically pleasing!