I have always been a lover for Arts & Crafts and a sense of me still always craves a creative outlet which usually takes form in photography on my Instagram page @tribeofwuwu. I remember as a child, I would try to get my hands onto anything creative – pressing flowers, making paper from paper scraps, cross stitching, sewing library bags, watercolour painting, experimenting with film photography, scrapbooking and making stickers. Every Saturday when my family went for their weekly grocery shop, I would happily spend my time in the aisles of Lincraft and Spotlight drumming up projects which I could create. I even sold my handmade cards at a local newsagent!

Since becoming a mum, I haven’t had as much time to work on creative projects however this year I vowed to revisit my passion for Arts Crafts. I decided to try the new Cricut Joy which is a small cutting machine for projects on the go. It connects to your computer, mobile or tablet via bluetooth and is perfect for those who have limited space and want to create quick personal projects.

With birthdays, the upcoming birth of our son and Father’s Day coming up, I have needed to start making some cards. I have been making cards on the Cricut today and wanted to show you how fun, easy and great they look!

I have chosen to show you how to make handmade cards in the quickest and most convenient form by using Cricut’s card templates and card packs. It literally takes me two minutes to make these cards and it is done in less than 6 steps! Please note though, it is so easy to customise your own card designs quickly and you do not need to use their card packs (can cut to size and purchase your own cardboard).


To make

1. Simply open the Cricut Design App, drop down to Cricut Joy Insert Cards on the left hand side and select a design you like from the many available. You can also use the search field to narrow down the occasion of the card you are looking for.

2. Select the design you would like to create. This will open up the instructions and detail the materials that you will need to create your card.

3. Select ‘Make It’, the material load type as ‘On Card Mat’ and material size as 10.8cmx13.97cm (since we are using the insert cards). Click continue.

4. You will then be prompted to insert the Card Mat. Note: remember to take off the thin liner on the top before inserting. Choose the card of your choice and slip the card into the card mat. Push the top of the card down onto the sticky part of the card mat so that it is held in position. Ensure all lines on the card line up with those on the card mat. Once ready, load the card mat into the Cricut Joy with the arrow facing up and the roller will suck the mat in.

5. Select ‘Go’ in the Cricut Design App and the design will start to be cut! Then select ‘Unload’ for the card mat to be ejected.


6. How exciting! The card has been created! Gently pull back the card top from the mat (Tip: use the spatula to help you if you have delicate areas), slide the insert into those four cutout corners and ta-da the card is created! The pieces left on the Card Mat can be simply removed using the scraper tool. Tip: If your Card Mat is no longer sticky, simply use a baby wipe to refresh it.



Here are some of the cards which I have made:




  • Full proof templates
  • Lightweight
  • Portable for on the go projects
  • Perfect for small projects
  • Bluetooth connection to mobile, tablet and computer
  • Offers mat less cutting for vinyls
  • Great value for money
  • Large range of templates ready to go



  • Pay for Cricut Access for more designs
  • Not for commercial projects


It has been so nice to have done something crafty again and to be able to spend part of the day creating these quick and easy cards! I hope you loved seeing these creations come to life, as much as I have enjoyed making them!

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