Heritage Blankets



I had my eye on Kate’s blankets from the beginning of my pregnancy with Spencer. I absolutely adored her floral blankets and knew we would likely be purchasing the whole range if we had a little girl! After speaking with Kate who has two boys herself, we went with the classic white lace blanket and the grey. These are keepsake blankets which we will treasure forever. We have used her blankets for swaddling, to sit on, as a pram cover, a blanket, for styling and truly is the perfect essential for your bub. Read on about my interview with Kate below.

Heritage Blankets is such a sentimental name. How did you come up with it?

The name ‘Heritage’ came very easily to me as I felt it had the essence of a timeless keepsake, a memory woven item. And that’s exactly what I wanted the mums to feel when they held their babes wrapped in a blanket. A blanket truly is the greatest reminder of the snuggles and love that was shared between a Mum and her baby. 

What is something your mother often told you?

Eat those peas Kate! No but jokes aside Mum showed me how to just get on with it, I feel like she never felt sorry for herself for very long.

What is your favourite product in store?

Oh this is hard! My florals hold my heart! I dont often fall in love with one more than another and actually, I love seeing them stacked together. But I do have a red floral kept aside for my one day maybe baby girl. The red floral was called ‘the Ruby’ and it was just perfection!

Tell me about a childhood memory which still makes you laugh.

Believe it or not, I was the biggest tom boy and I was taught to keep up with everything my brothers did. Motorbike riding, fort building and everything dirty. I never had feminine style in me! I felt ridiculous all pretty in a dress! But now I cant get enough of my pretty florals and lace obviously!!

Which three Instagram accounts inspire you and why?

Oh man this one is a hard one because different people inspire me at different times depending on what similarities I have with them. Tami from the @themilkboutique at the moment inspires me so much as she juggles a two little ones and an amazing business. @life.of.mama.cc and @reviejane are great gal pals to follow too

What is your dream for your business?

I sat here looking at this question because wow it actually makes me think! This had been my project and passion as I navigated this new mum thing. It was my way of truly coming out of my ‘shell’. I love what I do and conecting with my gorgeous HB mummas. So really Im living the dream now.  But I would love to be able to provide a full income for my family, and also have other mums on my team so that they also can experience the flexibility of running a business and being able to be immersed in their kids lives. I’m not tied down with regular work hours and I know its a gift that can be shared!

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