Wipes Solution



We love making our own wipes solution in our home! We made two bottles and it has lasted us the whole year, making it so cost-effective as disposable wipes are expensive and often contain nasties. This way, you know exactly what is going on your baby’s skin.

It is understandable that reusable cloths are not for everyone, so i also recommend these dry baby wipes which cost $6.99. You will get 100 wipes in a pack but they are large, so what we do is cut them in quarters and that gives us 400 wipes!

For those using cloth wipes, you can just pour or spray some of this solution into an airtight container with your wipes so that they are ready to go!


What you need

2 Cups room temperature filtered or distilled water

2 Tablespoon Olive Oil

2 Tablespoon Dr Bonner’s Organic Castile Soap (you can also use any other liquid soap or baby wash)

Amber Glass bottle


How to

Add water to bottle.

Add olive oil.

Add soap and mix.


Some extra information

Use within a year.

Using filtered or distilled water is important to stop bacteria growing in the water.

Coconut oil, sunflower oil or even grapeseed oil can be used as a substitue to the olive oil if you child has allergies to olives.

Quality essentials oil can be added but do your research first. We do not include essential oils in our wipes solution as Spencer has very sensitive skin and allergies.


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